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Introducing the Toothpick: The Ultimate Titanium Pry Bar and Kubaton Combo
these are up on the website now!

Crafted with precision and engineered for strength, the Toothpick is a versatile tool designed to tackle any challenge. Made from high-grade titanium, this compact companion is built to last and ready to assist you whenever needed.

The Toothpick boasts dual-purpose functionality, serving as both a reliable pry bar and discreet self-defense tool. Its rugged wedge-shaped tip excels at handling prying tasks, while the overall design allows for use as a kubaton, empowering you with effective self-defense capabilities.

Designed with portability in mind, the Toothpick is compact and stealthy, fitting easily into your pocket or attaching to your keychain. Take it with you on adventures or keep it on hand for everyday challenges.

Designed for a seamless fit into your hand, the Toothpick incorporates finger grooves that enhance grip without compromising its sleek profile. This thoughtful design ensures that the tool becomes an extension of your natural grip, enabling a more fluid and instinctive self-defense technique. By minimizing bulk and maximizing comfort, the Toothpick empowers you to react swiftly and effectively in any self-defense situation, giving you the confidence to handle challenges with ease.
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