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Invar Gaboon

Invar Gaboon

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Handle Finish
This knife has been an awesome project that I've been working on for quite a while at this point, it is a very unique and fun flipper, light and fast with a crazy adjustable weight and balance system. The fit and finish of these have exceeded everything we have done in the past on all fronts, from tuning and tolerances to the blade milling and finish of the handles.

Blade Steel: Magnacut
Handles: sandwich, grade 5 Titanium (Invar Design)
Pivot Hardware: t15 heat treated 17-4 stainless threaded with 6-64 fine pitch threads
416 stainless steel Bushings

We will be shipping with both phosphorus bronze and stainless steel washers. Also 16x 8-32 grub screws which can be added along the entire length of the handles for the ultimate balance customization. We also included a t15 wiha bit and the required Allen key for the grub screws.

Weight out of the box is 3.4 oz with a neutral/handle bias focusing the weight at the ends, this can be adjusted along the entire length of the handles without disassembling them in order to change the balance to fit any preference.
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