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Fellowship Blades Trainers

Hognose Trainer v1.5

Hognose Trainer v1.5

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The Hog nose is the newest addition to the Fellowship Blades lineup. It is designed to maximize comfort, flipping, and style all for a reasonable price point. The handles are 3D milled to create a very ergonomic profile which is round at the pivots and square at the ends to create a unique feel when flowing through tricks. The entirety of the handle flats are textured, which gives a huge boost in grip. The jimping is deep and elongated to create a solid tactile stop at the ends of the handles. The blade features a sweeping crowned spine which is perfect for all sorts of Chaplins. And opposing the comfortable spine is an aggressive bite handle indicator to reinforce good habits. On the bottom of the blade is a very discrete rounded zen nipple which is incredibly bouncy as well as being tucked away to avoid any pinch hazards. The whole knife has been milled, chamfered, tumbled and finished producing an incredibly fun and comfortable flipping experience. It also comes in all sorts of awesome colors.



Handles: Type II anodized 7075 T6 Aluminum

Blade: Stone wash & Polished 410 Stainless Steel

Hardware: Stainless steel 6-64 Pivots and Stainless T10 Torx Screw

416 Bushings and 0.02" thick 3/8" OD Phosphorus Bronze washers

Weight: 3.2 OZ with a Neutral Balance

Total Length: 9.75"

Handle Length 5.5"


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